Get the FULL Draft Domination video program and CRUSH your leagues! 


Get Draft Domination and CRUSH your leagues Today!

I wanted to create a system that will help people crush their fantasy leagues and draft a perfect roster. There is a lot of advice that is not practical and does not help you win. I put together a proven system that has helped me and thousands of players dominate their leagues. I am obsessed with providing advice and content that works! This training will help you WIN!

- Joseph Robert


The Draft Domination course offers:

  • A  full video training program that will help you Crush Fantasy Sports! 
  • Proven draft strategies that will help you draft an optimal fantasy football roster
  • CUDDY system overview. The thought process to draft the best possible player for your team
  • Fantasy football mindset and getting prepared for the draft
  • Positional draft strategy. What position to draft and when. 
  • Course taught by the Fantasy Football Counselor. He shares proven tips and secrets, the top experts don't want you to know. 
  • This system will OPEN your eyes and give you a huge advantage in Daily and Year long Fantasy!
  • BONUS 16 RD COURSE INCLUDED WITH THE PURCHASE OF THIS COURSE! The Counselor tells you who to draft and what round to draft them in for 2018 fantasy football! 

About the Counselor

Joseph Robert has helped thousands Crush daily and year long fantasy football through his training and social media. The Fantasy Football Counselor has the #1 Fantasy Football page on Instagram and the fastest growing podcast in the industry. His main mission is to help you dominate daily and year long Fantasy leagues.

Get Draft Domination today!

"Keep the great content coming Counselor. No one has ever put something so practical and effective like this together before. Thank you. "

Matt Younge

"Draft Domination is well put together and there is a lot of information. Joseph Robert has a lof of passion for Fantasy and it shows in this great training. "

Caleb Fenton

"Going through the system has made me aware of some draft tactics I never considered. I feel fully armed to compete in any fantasy football league and win!"

Evan Micheals

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